Tomica D. Blocker

professional photo

BSc (2008), Langston University


PhD (2015), Oklahoma State University

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

NSF OK-LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate Fellow


Currently: MD (Pediatrics), University of Kansas



Research Interests:

Effects of anthropogenic stressors on animals; Ecotoxicology, Neuroendocrinology, Ethology


Specific Interests:

My research is focused on the relationship between anthropogenic contaminants and behavior. More specifically, I am interested in the effects of heavy metals on affiliative and aggressive behaviors in the monogamous rodent Microtus ochrogaster.


Papers (from the lab):

Blocker TD, Ophir AG (2016) A preference to bond? Male prairie voles form pair bonds even in the presence of multiple receptive females. Animal Behaviour. 22, 89-97.

Blocker TD & Ophir AG (2015) Social recognition in paired, but not single, male prairie voles. Animal Behaviour. 108, 1-8. [Highlighted by: National Geographic, and Science News]

Blocker TD & Ophir AG (2013) Cryptic confounding compounds: A brief consideration of the influences of anthropogenic contaminants on courtship and mating behavior. Acta Ethologica. 16, 105-125. [One of the 10 most downloaded papers in 2013]


Undergrads Date Joined
Forrest Rogers 2011-2013 (PhD, Univ California, Davis)
Tara Elliot 2012 (MS, Oklahoma State Univ)
Holly Wehde 2012 (MS, Oklahoma State Univ)
Mino Aketa (OK INBRE – IDeA) 2011
Brittany Stoutermire (LINC – LU – NSF) 2012
Kasi Gordon 2009-2010