Santiago Forero

PhD Student

BS (2017), Texas A&M University

NSF Graduate Research Fellow








Research Interests:

Neuroethology, Evolutionary Neuroscience, Social Behavior, Mate choice, Neurogenetic Manipulation, Early life cognitive development.


Specific Interests:

I am interested in how early life social experiences, genetics, and environmental factors shape the animal brain. By looking at the neural and genetic bases of how evolution has shaped animal behavior, I look to provide a means of defining the mechanisms of brain development and linking behavior to neural networks. By objectively studying natural behaviors of animals and identifying the neural mechanisms involved, I hope to begin to develop a greater understanding for their evolutionary ontogeny and their necessity for adaptation. In the lab, I look to identify brain development being translated into cognitive function. Using behavioral assays, I hope to create abnormal behaviors that give me a chance to explore consequential abnormalities in the brain. In order to regulate these abnormalities, I will be exploring neuroendocrinological methods as well as neurogenetic manipulation techniques.


Undergrads Date Joined
Nicole Sullivan 2019-Present
Pedro Guicardi 2019-2020
Aiste Gircyte Spring 2020 (from Newcastle University, UK)


Teaching 5th graders about the brain Hands on with middle school kids