Lindsay Sailer

Postdoc, Cornell University

PhD (2018), Florida State University

BA (2010) University of North Florida




Research Interests: social bonding, partner preference, early-life experiences, social aggression, vasopressin, oxytocin, chemogenetics, epigenetics, individual differences

Specific Interests:

I am interested in investigating how early-life adversity can alter the neurochemical integrity of brain regions and pathways important for social interactions and pair bonding. Specifically, I want to understand how the quality and quantity of parental care can shape the development of social behaviors and how exposure to stressful environments can alter social affilation and pair bonding. I plan to approach these topics by integrating genetic, epigenetic, and chemogenetic techniques to probe the function of the vasopressin and oxytocin systems.



Undergrads Date Joined
Abigail Galvez 2019-Present
Ashley Park 2019-Present