Lisa C. Hiura

2015-7 Lisa HiuraPhD Student, Cornell University


BA (2014), Reed College

NSF Graduate Research Fellow





Research Interests:

Social reinforcement, neurobiology of selective affiliation and prosocial behaviors


Specific Interests:

I am interested in investigating how environmental variables and neurochemical mechanisms interact to give rise to prosocial behavior. In particular, I am interested in seeing how variation in social experiences during development may impact adult phenotypes of mate choice and bonding behaviors, and how these experiences may be influenced by or impart changes upon oxytocin and vasopressin expression. I aim to accomplish this task by developing behavioral paradigms that better assess the ecologically relevant variables that may contribute to differences in observed social behaviors among prairie voles.


Papers (from the lab):

Hiura LC, Ophir AG. (2018) Interactions between two stages of early life social experiences and sex shape nonapeptide receptor profiles. Integrative Zoology. in press.

Kelly AM, Hiura LC, Saunders AG, Ophir AG. (2017) Oxytocin neurons exhibit extensive functional plasticity due to offspring age in mothers and fathers. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 57, 603-618.


Undergrads Date Joined
Rebecca Horowitz 2018-Present
Mandy Chan 2017-Present
Vanessa Lazaro 2016-Present
Oscar Liu 2017- 2018
Sarah Glickman 2017-2018
Johnna Graham 2015-2017 (RA Cornell Vet School)
Marcos Moreno (Udall Scholar) 2016-2017
Luisa Diaz Arias (CienciAmerica) 2016 (MD Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia)
Weisi Chen 2015 (Graduated)


Lisa presenting at SBN, 2016




Lisa with vole

Luisa presents her summer project, 2016