“Go the Vole”

Ever heard this phrase?  Here’s what it means:


1. in cards: 

the winning by one player of all the tricks of a deal.


2. go the vole: 

a. to venture everything on the chance of great rewards.

b. to try one after another, as a variety of occupations.

e.g., He went the vole and finally found biomedical research.


November, 19, 2015:

Watch the sensation: Scientists vs Cucumbers


March 10, 2012:

Listen to the Song “One and only vole” by Monty Harper, based on his work with our lab’s participation in Born to Do Science. a2307832982_10

“My One and Only Vole: Pair Bonding in Monogamous Prairie Voles.”  Born to Do Science introduces children to working scientists who share their research and provide fun experiments in their areas of expertise.  Host Monty Harper worked closely with Tomica Blocker to develop a new song for this program.