Caitlyn J Finton

Caitlyn FintonPhD Student

BS (2016), Indiana University





Research Interests:

Interactions between environment, neurobiology, and behavior; prosocial and affiliative behaviors; behavioral ecology; differences in male and female behavior.


Specific Interests:

I am interested in how environmental factors influence neurobiology and behavior, particularly prosocial and affiliative behaviors. These environmental factors could be specifically related to the physical environment, such as the density of food resources, or they could be the social environment of the individual. In addition, I am interested in investigating female behavior as it relates to affiliative behaviors, socio-spatial memory, and reproductive decisions. My lab approach is a mixture of field and laboratory studies.


Papers (from the lab):

Finton CJ, Ophir AG (2020) Prairie vole pups prefer mothers only when they are a unique resource, but fathers are the main source of variable care. Behavioural Processes. 171, 104022.

Finton CJ, Kelly AM, Ophir AG (2018) Cannulation and microinjection stereotaxic surgeries in the prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster).  Kopf Carrier.#94. (Non-peer reviewed)


Undergrads Date Joined
Shalini Gundamraj 2018-Present
Rebecca Horowitz 2019-2020
Mary Slavinsky 2019-2020
Gogoate Lemea 2018-2019
Pooja Patel 2018-2020
Ryan Wang 2018
Josh Roman 2017-2018
Samuel Chauvin 2017
Jintana Cunningham 2016-2017
Hallie Malina (High School Student) 2016-2017



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