Danielle N. Lee

2011 Danielle LeeCurrent Position: Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University

Postdoc Associate (2012-2016), Cornell University
TED Fellow

PhD (2010), University of Missouri – St. Louis,

MS (2000), University of Memphis

BS (1996), Tennessee Technological University


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Research Interests:

Examination of the natural history, basic biology, and investigation of behavioral syndromes and individual differences in exploratory behavior of the African giant pouched rat, Cricetomys ansorgei.

Specific Interests:

I am interested in how ecology and evolutionary components contribute to the behavior of animals. My research involves examining consistent individual variation of behavior, sometimes called Behavioral Syndromes. My post-doctoral research involves examining the African giant pouched rat (Cricetomys ansorgei) to determine the extent to which they demonstrate behavioral syndromes and if there is a genetic component to the behavioral differences.

My science outreach efforts emphasize sharing science to general audiences, particularly under-served groups, via outdoor programming and social media. My work includes The Urban Scientist a blog about urban ecology, evolutionary biology and diversity in the sciences, hosted by Scientific American Blog Network. I am also co-founder of the National Science & Technology News Service, a media advocacy organization.

Undergrads Date Joined
Ebony Cadet 2015-2017
Leticia Collado 2015-2016
Allison LaRocco 2014-2016
Pat O’Neill 2014-2015
Emily Woodford 2014-2015
Jenny Du 2014-2015





Holding a juvenile


Examining neonates

Ebony presenting at ABS, 2016 (as a Turner Fellow)