Angela Freeman

Postdoc, Cornell University

PhD (2016), Kent State University

MSc (2012), University of Manitoba

BES (2008), University of Waterloo


Research Interests:

social communication, signaler-receiver interactions, vasopressin and oxytocin, social recognition, behavioral ecology, neuroethology

Specific Interests:

My research in the Ophir lab focuses on pouched rat olfaction. Specifically, I am looking into how these rodents search out particular scents in a ‘noisy’ environment, how they discriminate between odors, and how they might ‘hone in’ on particularly salient odors. This work expands on my previous experience investigating signaler-receiver interactions, as I have examined acoustic signals in Indian peafowl and the influence of vasopressin on vocalizations and behavior in Richardson’s ground squirrels. As I was originally trained as an ecologist, I tend to ask questions related to how different behaviors (and the neural mechanisms underlying these behaviors) influence interactions between individuals and groups in the wild.

Undergrads Date Joined
Sam Arenas 2017-Present
Helen Kwon 2017-Present
Deepthi John 2017-Present
 Janet Wang  2016-Present


Angela presenting at ABS, 2017