Angela Freeman

Postdoc, Cornell University

PhD (2016), Kent State University

MSc (2012), University of Manitoba

BES (2008), University of Waterloo


Personal webpage


Research Interests:

social communication, signaler-receiver interactions, vasopressin and oxytocin, social recognition, behavioral ecology, neuroethology

Specific Interests:

My research in the Ophir lab focuses on pouched rat olfaction. Specifically, I am looking into how these rodents search out particular scents in a ‘noisy’ environment, how they discriminate between odors, and how they might ‘hone in’ on particularly salient odors. This work expands on my previous experience investigating signaler-receiver interactions, as I have examined acoustic signals in Indian peafowl and the influence of vasopressin on vocalizations and behavior in Richardson’s ground squirrels. As I was originally trained as an ecologist, I tend to ask questions related to how different behaviors (and the neural mechanisms underlying these behaviors) influence interactions between individuals and groups in the wild.


Papers (from the lab):

Freeman AR, Sheehan MJ, Ophir AG (2019) Anogenital distance predicts sexual odour preferences in African giant pouched rats. Animal Behaviour. 148, 123-132.

Freeman AR, Ophir AG (2018) Scent marking behavior of the Southern African giant pouched rat (Cricetomys ansorgei). Journal of Mammalogy. 99, 1430-1435.


Undergrads Date Joined
Jackie Berman 2019-Present
Alexandra Chaves 2019-Present
Aumena Choudhry (Visiting High School Student) Summer 2019
Sam Arenas 2017-Present
Beverly Lo 2018-Present
Lauren Prisco 2018-2019
Rachel Zheng 2018-2019
Helen Kwon 2017-2019
Emily Mao (Visiting High School Student) 2018
Montse Cubilla (Visiting High School Student) 2018
Deepthi John 2017
 Janet Wang  2016-2018


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